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General Behavior Management

You were just given the title “Worst Mommy in the World Ever” – I would congratulate you on your international title, but there are several caregivers in line ahead of you. Let me show you what I mean, McKenzie’s mom made lasagna for dinner last night and McKenzie took one look and decided she HATES lasagna! Jake’s father sent him to time out twice yesterday AND took away his TV privileges after he hit his sister off the head with the remote while continuing to scream at anyone who tried to talk to him. Don’t get me started on Jordan and Emma’s parents who refuse to let them have friends over until they learn to get along with each other! Now, if you are heading down the same path as these parents, my heart goes out to you. Either you are turning into the monster your child told you you were, or you are frustrated… and have every right to be!

All caregivers face frustrations trying to parent, even the family down the street who lives in that perfect home behind the white picked fence. Sure, you’ve read all the top mommy blogs and talked to your pediatrician; repeatedly you hear praise good behavior, offer incentives, use time outs for a child to calm down and don’t pay attention to bad behavior. If it were just that simple. Sorting through behavioral strategies that will fit your family and then putting them into action can be daunting.

When working with caregivers I like to get a feel for what has already been tried, what caregivers feel comfortable with and what might work best in their current home environment. Trying to change the way a family operates will only result in more stress on the family. By simply changing a few actions here and there, I find families achieve greater success. My personalized behavior plans are designed to fit your family for immediate results. What caregiver wouldn’t want to spend less time feeling challenged and more quality time with their children? I would love to offer a free 15 minute consultation call and see if there is anything I can do to help your family be more successful. If you are curious about how we can help your family, click here  and fill out the form provided.