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Nurturing Emotional Success Together

General Behavior Management

You were just given the title “Worst Mommy in the World Ever” – I would congratulate you on your international title, but there are several caregivers in line ahead of you. Let me show you what I mean, McKenzie’s mom made lasagna for dinner last night and McKenzie took one […]

Bedtime Behavior

Once upon a bedtime Maggie and her brother Patrick were getting kissed for the millionth time before bed. They had each taken a bath, brushed their teeth and read two stories a piece before the lights went out at 7:30 pm. THEN… WAIT! Maggie realized she was so very thirsty […]

Medical Adherence

As a caregiver you got your child an assistive device with the hopes of making life easier. After weeks of your child knocking out his hearing aids, losing her glasses, or screaming every time you try to put on his AFO walking aids, you begin to wonder if it’s really […]

Attacking Anxiety

Just one more hour and he’ll be climbing into our van and I get the play by play. I get confirmation that he did survive another day of 7th grade and that his algebra test wasn’t that bad, he had spent the night into early morning studying. I’ll hear about […]

Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Supports

  Robyn’s N.E.S.T. was developed to meet the needs of caregivers who want to spend more time enjoying their children and less time frustrated. All children face stressors throughout their development. Teaching a child the appropriate tools to identify and cope with such stressors is highly rewarding. Working with caregivers to likewise […]

Resources And Downloads

Robyn’s N.E.S.T. is an evidence and experience based practice. Here are peer reviewed journal articles as well as publications by fellow caretakers and professionals.

Here you will find Robyn’s N.E.S.T. documents and free printable downloads for caretakers and children!   From the NEST Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology_Brochure Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology_Notice of Privacy Practices Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology_Release of Information       Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology Power Ranger Chart           Printable Fun for […]

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Click here to access the client portal for Robyn’s N.E.S.T. Psychology to request and manage appointments, join tele-health sessions, complete paperwork and payment. If you don’t have a portal account yet, or have forgotten your password, please email our office for assistance. Robyn Fatseas M.A. / N.C.C. Complex Child Development Specialist […]

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